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Analog Mixdown

Analog Mixdown

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What engineers will tell you about a quality song, it's related to the quality of the mastering. But you can't make a great master if you don't have a solid mix.

Mixing means that all your sounds must find their own place to not cause any issues. A solid mix has already thickness, precision, clarity, punch and will already sound powerful on its own. The mastering will be adjustments and loudness control. When I take your song, I arrange it so it sounds close the top mixes I get for mastering. This will give your song a professional look.

Analog mixing means that I will digitally prepare your song so it goes through my analog outboard (mixing board, hardware compression etc). The result is something that we can describe as fuzzy, warm, hifi/lofi. It gets a lot of colors.

What you get with this service:

- 4 digital revisions of your mix.

- 1 final analog summing.

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