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Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering

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Stem mastering is sort of a compromise between a mixdown and a mastering. I will take up to 5 of your stems and will adjust them so we get the most of them in a final master. This is great for issues such as:

- Uneven levels

- Masking

- Harshness

- Phasing


I can work on each stem individually, fix compression on specific sounds and really make your song a new one.

The best way to provide me your stems is to have, seperated:

- Kick

- Bass/low end

- Melodic content

- Percussion

- Rest of the track or perhaps you want to split your melody in 2, or have vocals.


Stems should be exported stereo, 16b and don't apply normalization.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing work!

Pheek crushed it. The feedback from other labels and djs has been amazing. Best mastering I've used. Super professional and easy to work with. Worth every penny!