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EP Mastering Digital (4 songs Bundle)

EP Mastering Digital (4 songs Bundle)

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Mastering is often confused with many different things. Basically, it means "creating a master file ready for duplication." 

What we must understand here is that your song might not be ready to sold in stores because it doesn't meet the requirements nor does it compete with similar songs on the market. Mastering means I take your song and make it ready for distribution (Online stores, streaming services, vinyl cut, CD, etc) but if you're aiming to share it do DJs to play in a club, it will deliver proper power to sound solid.

In this process, I also make sure your song will sound best on most sound systems (eg. home, car, headphones, mobile, etc). If you have an album, I will make sure there's coherence between all songs as well. This includes fixing issues, balancing, adjusting tone, adding power, width etc. Sometimes, if you wish, I can add color.

Digital mastering means I will use plugins to process your digital file.

You can send me a reference of a song you like so I can try to match it.

This includes 2 revisions.

What I need from you:

- Stereo file, wav or AIFF, 16bits min, 44.1khz min.

- Book 1 master per song. If your song is 10 min and up, it will count as 2.

- No compression on the master when rendering and make sure there's at least 3 dB of headroom.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
矯激 [ Radical ]
Superb and Effective

I asked for a 4 digital tracks mastering and didn't expect such an effective work that quickly. The whole service is really well done and super serious. Plus he answer really fast on any social media. Highly Recommend

High expectations which were successfully met :)

Just listened to my mastered tracks and they are sounding amazing. Loud, but still dynamic, analog sounding with big bass, smooth highs and controlled transients. When I close my eyes, these WAV files sound like they would have been played from vinyl. To be frank, knowing Pheek's work, I didn't expect less. :) Thank you a lot, JP.

Thank you JP!

Jean-Patrice is a super competent engineer who helped me a lot during the process of mixing and mastering my EP. He's got a spectacular ear and will deliver what you're looking for!

Or Hanuka
Thank you

Hello there ,
Really love your work !
I think that there was a track that called “Rutz”
That maybe he could get more saturation.
The others were very good :)

Hey! I noticed that you didn't use the revision. If I missed something, I'd appreciate you contact me by email and not here so we can make your order right. I'm always happy to help!

Francis Dawson

EP Mastering Digital (4 songs Bundle)