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Mix & Mastering Digital

Mix & Mastering Digital

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What engineers will tell you about a quality song, it's related to the quality of the mastering. But you can't make a great master if you don't have a solid mix.

Mixing means that all your sounds must find their own place to not cause any issues. A solid mix has already thickness, precision, clarity, punch and will already sound powerful on its own. The mastering will be adjustments and loudness control. When I take your song, I arrange it so it sounds close the top mixes I get for mastering. This will give your song a professional look.

Digital mixing means that I will digitally prepare your song so it is mastering ready. It can be transparent or colorful. I can swap sounds to give it the best results.

What you get with this service:

- 4 digital revisions of your mix.

- 1 master 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’ve had an amazing time working with Jean-Patrice as my mixing and mastering engineer! We met through an in-person mixing class in Montreal: he was the teacher. I was impressed right away with his mixing skills. Jean-Patrice works really fast, he understands the artist and producer's vision for the song and takes it into consideration for his mixes. He communicates clearly, he is polite and courteous, he follows up when he hasn’t received something from us. Overall if I could give a 20 out of 10 I would! Great service, great price, and I must say, as soon as I heard the first version of the mix, I was blown away! When the master came back it was flawless. It's the first time I’ve had such an easy, streamlined, nice experience with a mixing and mastering engineer. I would definitely recommend!!

it was a pleasure! Thanks for the beautiful review!

Invest in yourself and your tracks

Pheek analyzes your tracks down to an atomic level and offers high-value creative and technical advice - and then executes on it with speed. You'll be amazed at the depth of his expertise and thrilled with the finish product. *Tremendous value*,10/10 would recommend.

Nick Turner
Turner Club Mix and Master

Very happy with the final result from Pheek. I've been struggling with my mixdowns so decided to use him to take my track to the next level. Will definitely be using him again.

thank you! Glad to be making a difference


JP did a wonderful job as always, was open, fast, brilliant work. Wonderful to know he’s here.


Best mix & master I have ever received!

If you're looking for an amazing mix and master look no further! Pheek did an incredible job making a track I sent him come to life helping it sound full and punchy. The low end sounds incredible and the synths and drums all have their own space and cut through perfectly. On top of the great results Pheek works so fast and efficiently. He is so easy to work with, is super responsive and he really listens to things you mention in relation to your mix and master. 10/10 I will definitely be sending him all of my future tracks for mixing and mastering.

thanks so much!