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Digital Mastering

Digital Mastering

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Mastering is often confused with many different things. Basically, it means "creating a master file ready for duplication." 

What we must understand here is that your song might not be ready to sold in stores because it doesn't meet the requirements nor does it compete with similar songs on the market. Mastering means I take your song and make it ready for distribution (Online stores, streaming services, vinyl cut, CD, etc) but if you're aiming to share it do DJs to play in a club, it will deliver proper power to sound solid.

In this process, I also make sure your song will sound best on most sound systems (eg. home, car, headphones, mobile, etc). If you have an album, I will make sure there's coherence between all songs as well. This includes fixing issues, balancing, adjusting tone, adding power, width etc. Sometimes, if you wish, I can add color.

Digital mastering means I will use plugins to process your digital file.

You can send me a reference of a song you like so I can try to match it.

This includes 2 revisions.

What I need from you:

- Stereo file, wav or AIFF, 16bits min, 44.1khz min.

- Book 1 master per song. If your song is 10 min and up, it will count as 2.

- No compression on the master when rendering and make sure there's at least 3 dB of headroom.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nikita Mikhaylov
5 stars!

It’s perfect!

Ordos Mk.0
Great Every Time

Have gone to Pheek for my mastering many times now and never been disappointed.
Every track comes back sounding fantastic and with great improvements.
Always receive tracks back very quickly and on the single occasion I needed a couple of revisions these were also delivered very quickly.

the enigma of the stamp EP

The elements are well defined and come out with body and grain. You can even hear some details that are hidden on the tail of some sounds.
The rhythmic part is also very well rendered, the kick is present and keeps its place all along. The bass is round and enveloping. The drum elements also come out very well!

I'm really happy with your work, thank you!

Great service

Always a nice work !