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Sometimes you need to talk to a pro for a project, challenges, for learning or to get your ideas all together. Perhaps you want an experienced producer to guide you on your artist path, both technically or philosophically.

This is the product to book.

This product covers a Zoom meeting of 50 min for 1 person.


I've been in the music production for over 25 years and know both the creative process as well as music softwares enough to teach your aunt Loraine or anyone from beginner to professional. My teaching experience started in 1995 when I was teaching to teens so nothing really scares me.


What are your needs? Here are some of the clients I work with:

- Understanding Ableton live from beginner to advanced levels.

- Tweak your workflow. Develop your own way of working.

- Create your signature sound through techniques.

- Learning how to start a song, or to finish one as well as all the progress in between.

- Remain relevant after years of music making.

- How to promote your music, dealing with labels and your peers.

- Learning mixing and sound design.

- Dealing with writer's block and anything related to personal challenges.

- How to make songs that will be played in clubs.

- See how I fix your arrangements in real time.

- Use my help to reverse engineer a project.

and much more.


This service is online only. The audio will be streamed using Audiomovers technology so you can hear my output in the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection and Zoom. We can record the session.

If you want in person sessions, let me know.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Petter Karlström
On the spot!

We worked on mixing/mastering on one of my tracks for just short of one hour. The advice I was given during just that hour has already spread to other tracks, improvents galore!

There was zero time wasted. After a brief introduction, pheek understood perfectly what I wanted to achieve and then showed me how to do it. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the nice words! It was fast due to your multiple bookings where the problem kept coming over and over. Glad I could help you fix your music and the best is yet to come!


Pheek’s got down-to earth, no fuss easily applicable tips that can really improve your worflow. In my first session he made me twice as fast as I was. Looking forward to what’s coming!

thank you! it was a pleasure

marcu rares
even if u re a pro, he ll still tell u smth u didnt know

very grateful for our meeting. its incredible how in a hour, he managed to provide the only essential knowledge i was missing. 100% recommeneded. 100% worth it

thanks so much! it was a pleasure.