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Studio Session/Retreat (in person training)

Studio Session/Retreat (in person training)

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As the pandemic finally slowed down, I can now welcome artists to my studios in Shefford. So let's see what this is about.

What does a studio session like?

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs. Before booking this service, I expect you to get in touch by email ( to introduce yourself and explain me how I can help you. If you're familiar with my coaching work, my job is to help you unlock your creative potential and facilitate your music expression.  

This means that if you come here, you'll have access to 1h in a one to one context with me and have access to a studio to work on whatever we have discussed. Booking a session with my unlocks the opportunity to be here on my land for up to 3h. You have access to:

- Equipped studio for making music including modular synth equipment.

- 1h one on one with myself and then a follow up talk or clarification.

- Discussions about your needs and analysis of what is needed.

- My land has 50 acres of a mixture of land and forest for your to walk or record sounds. Connecting with nature is a known way to help with creative flow.

- Private scandinavian sauna with shower. Cleansing is also know to be a key to be connected to yourself.

Other anemeties:

- Wifi

- AC (thermopump)

- Private room for resting.

- Private studio in the woods.


Who is this for?

This service is for anyone who is in the creative field. It can be a musician, writer, dancer, video maker. We can accommodate up to 3 people at a time and workshops can have up to 10 people.

This service is for one person and the date must be booked before passing your order. 

Through the next year, I will organize 4 group retreats where people will work with new techniques and ideas. We will do an exposition/presentation at the end of the 4 sessions. Topics covered: Rethink personal goals, generate unlimited ideas, perform live, way of the artist, etc. All these topics are discussed on Patreon but it is different in person.
Intro price is exceptionally at a base price 100$/day. Patreon members will receive discounts.
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Customer Reviews

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William Jourdain aka Automatisme

A flexible, kind and attentive host. A calm, picturesque and inspiring studio in a forest. Just perfect!

Ce fut un grand plaisir de t'acceuillir!